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We help you get Elevation Drawings and necessary permits for your home or building quickly and effortlessly and save time, money, and stress.

Fast 24-hour Turnaround or RUSH orders available

Accurate, Detailed non-certified Site Plans

Highly skilled Designers and Drafters

No Site Visit Required, Revision Included



Our Elevations are Non-Certified

Need an elevation drawing for your construction project but not sure where to start?

Many homeowners and contractors don’t understand what elevations are, and how they are important and can help them avoid unexpected costs, delays and stress.

If you’re building a new house or any other structure, or you’re renovating the existing one – you’re at the right place. All you need is elevation drawings done for getting that residential/commercial permit approved quickly.

We offer fast, affordable, and high-quality elevation drawings that will save you time and money during the construction process. As a bonus, you can get a free quote or consultation on all our services.

The best part?

This all comes directly from 20+ years of first-hand experience in creating Elevations for permits from our CAD designers. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create drawings that meet your specific needs and requirements.



1. Choose an Elevation service

Order a top-quality Elevation Drawing today

2. Provide address

Send us the property address or any other information that is needed

3. Get your order

You get your Elevation back fast and effortless within 6, 12 or 24 hours.



Elevation drawings show all of the parts of the building from one specific direction – north, south, east, west – so that you can modify the look of the front, or any other side, before it’s actually built/renovated.

For example, you can change the position of the windows, height, and placement of the doors. All this will save you time and money during installation and speed up the approval process.

What information do Elevations include?

  • Building form
  • Materials and overall style of a home/building
  • Floor and plate heights
  • Roof pitch and style
  • Window openings and treatment

Elevations are a great way to visualize the potential finished project and can bring life to a project without the necessity of producing perspective.


$ 99

Elevations is a first angle projection that shows all parts of the building as seen from a particular direction with the perspective flattened.

Premium quality

We provide high-quality service at affordable prices—and we guarantee satisfaction every time!

After purchase service

Any changes asked in the Site Plan by City/Country will be done free of cost within 24hrs.

100% money back

If any Site Plan is rejected or not approved, we guarantee 100% money back.



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What are the benefits of Elevation Drawings:

  • Get your construction documents approved faster
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises and mistakes during installation
  • Save time and money on construction projects
  • Make changes to the building design before it’s finished
  • Get a better idea of how your building will look after it’s done
  • Rest easy knowing your home/building is designed exactly the way you want it
  • Enjoy watching your project come to life with perfect accuracy

Don’t spend hours trying to make a site plan on your own. Let us do it for you.

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Our team of well-versed CAD designers has been designing and creating Elevations for over 20 years.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you through every step of the building or renovation process – from designing your dream home to getting it approved by the city.

What can you expect from us?

  • Professional Elevation Drawings for any project
  • Precise and easy to understand Elevations
  • 6 hours turnaround time if the option „Rush order“ is selected
  • Everything planned out and done ahead of time
  • Fast, easy construction documentation
  • Fast response time on both cellphone and emails
  • You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands

At Get a Site Plan, we understand the processes required by the townships just to approve a simple extension. So, our goal is to help you get your dream home, office, restaurant, or building constructed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Elevation Drawing Example

(zoom image for more details)

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Please send us all the information you have today to prepare your Elevation, and you’ll get a free quote.

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The main use of the site plan is for various types of Permits, which is usually requested by the Permitting offices.

The various types of Permits are: Building permit, ADU permit, Deck permit,
Landscaping Design, HOA permit, Pool permit, Demolition permit, Zoning Permit, etc.

It depends on the requirements and the details that you would need to show on the plan.

We have the list of the things that go in each package, you can see that below the prices, and you can determent which package would be most suitable for your needs.

Or you can give us a call and we can recommend one of the packages for you. 

For most departments, the Premium Package Site Plan is the best choice.

You can add the new structure, of course.

You can check the option for “Add new structure” and send me the dimension and location in the additional information box, or you can attach sketches and structural plans within the order.

We will work with you to make sure that we get the placement just right. 

Common structures to be added are: Deck, Patio, Porch, Car Port, New Home, Additions to the Home, Driveway, etc.

Setback limits are how close you can build to the property boundaries.

Setback standards can be obtained from your local zoning office.

Setbacks depend on what type of structure is innovated.

For example, setback requirements for a garage may be different from setback requirements for a shed.

The setback also depends on the location of the property – for urban and rural areas is different.

Setbacks and Easements are included in our Premium Package Site Plan and Gold Package Site Plan.

The standard turnaround time is 24 hours, all workdays and weekends, also we have RUSH options for less than 12h or less than 6h if you need it faster.

We offer other drafting services such as Floor Plans, Subdivision Design Plans, Elevation Plans, 3D Renderings, Structural Drawings, etc.

Get A Site Plan Team does not provide stamped/certified plans. Engineers and Surveyors provide stamped plans. Engineers and Surveyors typically charge more than $1,000 for a stamped site plan.

If your local permit department requires a stamped plan, please contact an Engineer or a Surveyor nearby.

– We have rich experience in providing professional Site Plans/Permit Plans across all counties in the USA.
– Your Site plans are drafted by professional drafters and will follow all development code requirements as per the respective address and will be delivered within 24hrs.
– Our clients are Developers, Contractors, Small Businesses, and Individual clients to help them get permits.

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