Our Plan Design Packages

All our plans are Professionally Drafted and Delivered within 24 hours or less. Rush Order available to.

If you need adjustments after we deliver the plan, we’re happy to work with you to create those adjustments, free of charge.

Package Site Plan

$ 89
  • Property Lines
  • Primary Structure
  • Roofline
  • Lot Dimensions
  • North Arrow
  • Scale
  • Measurements Between Major Features
  • Parcel ID
Highest in quality and accuracy

Package Site Plan

$ 119
  • Simple Package site plan
  • Driveway
  • Fence
  • Sidewalks
  • Trees
  • Swimming Pool
  • Accessory Structures

Plans meet all planning requirements

Best Seller

Package Site Plan
Residential / Commercial

$ 159
  • Medium Package site plan
  • Landscape
  • Paths
  • Shrubs
  • Lawn
  • Well and septic system
  • Parking Spots

100% guaranteed compliant plans


Package Site Plan
Residential / Commercial

$ 259
  • Premium Package site plan
  • Additional new structures
  • Topographic Contour Lines
  • Vicinity Map, Graphic scale
  • DWG, JPG
  • Custom paper Size Request
  • Rush Order Site plan - less than 12 hours

Subdivision Design

$ 359

Includes creation of a sketch plan, more detailed preliminary plat, and then culminating in a final plat that creates the new lots.

Floor Plans

$ 99

Floor plan is a visual representation of the layout of a house or other architectural structure from a bird’s-eye view.


$ 99

Elevations is a first angle projection that shows all parts of the building as seen from a particular direction with the perspective flattened.

Custom Quote Hourly Work

$ 79 / per hour

This price is per hour.

Please select the number of hours that you were provided with.

Price Listing Details
Simple Site Plan Medium Site Plan Premium Site Plan Gold Package Site Plan
Property Lines
Property Lines
  Primary Structure
Primary Structure
  Lot Dimensions
Lot Dimensions
  North Arrow
North Arrow
  Measurements Between Major Features
Measurements Between Major Features
  Parcel ID
Parcel ID
  Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
  Accessory Structures
Accessory Structures
  Well and septic system
Well and septic system  
  Parking Spots
Parking Spots
  Additional new structures
Additional new structures Optionally Optionally Optionally
  Topographic Contour Lines
Topographic Contour Lines Optionally Optionally Optionally
  Vicinity Map, Graphic scale
Vicinity Map, Graphic scale Optionally Optionally Optionally
DWG Optionally Optionally Optionally
JPG Optionally Optionally Optionally
  Custom paper Size Request
Custom paper Size Request Optionally Optionally Optionally
  Rush Order Site plan - less than 12 hours
Rush Order Site plan - less than 12 hours Optionally Optionally Optionally

Welcome to our official Get A Site Plan site,

Get A Site Plan team offer you four standard site plan packages with a different level of detail.

Depending upon what you will be using your site plan for will determine which is best for you. For most building departments our Medium Site Plan is the best solution.  

You will have the option to add additional items such as structures, vicinity map, topographic information and more once you select a plan you want. 

Important note: Before ordering: Please verify with your building department that they DO NOT require the plan to be prepared by surveyor, architect or engineer. We are a Drafting Company and do not stamp, sign or seal plans. Our plans are non-certified.

Important note: After Ordering: You will receive a draft of your site plan within 24 hours for your review, or RUSH if you chose that.

If you need any edits after reviewing the plan just mark those changes on the draft and send it back to us and we will make those adjustments.

*All plans are delivered via email and they are in PDF – digital version, also you can get DWG file too if you chose that.

Premium quality

We provide high-quality service at affordable prices—and we guarantee satisfaction every time!

After purchase service

Any changes asked in the Site Plan by City/Country will be done free of cost within 24hrs.

100% money back

If any Site Plan is rejected or not approved, we guarantee 100% money back.



97% of our customers would recommend us to their friends


The main use of the site plan is for various types of Permits, which is usually requested by the Permitting offices.

The various types of Permits are: Building permit, ADU permit, Deck permit,
Landscaping Design, HOA permit, Pool permit, Demolition permit, Zoning Permit, etc.

It depends on the requirements and the details that you would need to show on the plan.

We have the list of the things that go in each package, you can see that below the prices, and you can determent which package would be most suitable for your needs.

Or you can give us a call and we can recommend one of the packages for you. 

For most departments, the Premium Package Site Plan is the best choice.

You can add the new structure, of course.

You can check the option for “Add new structure” and send me the dimension and location in the additional information box, or you can attach sketches and structural plans within the order.

We will work with you to make sure that we get the placement just right. 

Common structures to be added are: Deck, Patio, Porch, Car Port, New Home, Additions to the Home, Driveway, etc.

Setback limits are how close you can build to the property boundaries.

Setback standards can be obtained from your local zoning office.

Setbacks depend on what type of structure is innovated.

For example, setback requirements for a garage may be different from setback requirements for a shed.

The setback also depends on the location of the property – for urban and rural areas is different.

Setbacks and Easements are included in our Premium Package Site Plan and Gold Package Site Plan.

The standard turnaround time is 24 hours, all workdays and weekends, also we have RUSH options for less than 12h or less than 6h if you need it faster.

We offer other drafting services such as Floor Plans, Subdivision Design Plans, Elevation Plans, 3D Renderings, Structural Drawings, etc.

Get A Site Plan Team does not provide stamped/certified plans. Engineers and Surveyors provide stamped plans. Engineers and Surveyors typically charge more than $1,000 for a stamped site plan.

If your local permit department requires a stamped plan, please contact an Engineer or a Surveyor nearby.

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