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What is Subdivision design?

Subdivision typically includes the creation of a sketch plan (showing basic lot layout and provisions for public infrastructure), and subsequent creation of a more detailed preliminary plat (indicating building footprints and specific measurements), and then culminating in a final plat that creates the new lots.

The residential subevision quarters of sunset dawn over the village near the forest

Subdivision and site design standards are used by communities to regulate how parcels of land are divided into developable lots, and how those lots are designed subsequently and laid out through the development process. Subdivision usually includes the creation of a sketch plan, and then the creation of a more detailed preliminary plan. These plans are usually used to provide more workforce housing in the community by dividing one parcel into many subdivisions.

Aerial view of residential houses with red roofs and streets with parked cars in rural town area.

Communities can often find middle ground through subdivision standards that allow for new subdivisions to be approved when they meet conditions to lessen the gravity of hazards, such as water cisterns for wildfire protection, slope stabilization for landslide and rock fall, and keeping buildable lots out of the floodplain. Additional incentives and regulations can be cluster subdivisions, density bonuses, and transfer of development rights (TDR).

Aerial view of beautiful home village and town settlement.

We, of course, are able to provide you with a plan for subdivision design. For subdivision design projects, we usually charge 4 hours (could be more depending on the size of the parcel we have to work with), that you can order by clicking here . The only things we require are the address of the property, and additional information on how many subdivisions you want it divided to. You can, however, mark any changes/updates on the draft we send you and we will update the plan accordingly and send you an updated version.

New single house subdivision property for new land from top view in real estate industry.

What is the first step?

First step is to provide us with the address of the property. You can do that by placing an order for one of the packages here or send us a quote with any questions here. We will do our best to help you and recommend you the most suitable package for your needs or give you a Custom Hourly Quote if your needs are not in the scope of work for our packages. You will get a quote from our most skilled designers.

Once we get all the information needed we will start working on your project. The usual turnaround time for the site plan is within 24 hours. We are also able to make a RUSH plan within 12 hours and 6 hours. If needed we will make your project prioritized.

We are here to make your request into mutual successes!

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