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Floor Plans


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Floor Plans – A 2D floor plan is a type of diagram that shows the layout of a property or space from above. It will often show the walls and room layout, plus fixed installations like windows, doors, and stairs as well as furniture. 2D means the floor plan is a “flat” drawing, without perspective or depth.

A floor plan is a (normally 2D) visual representation of the layout of a house or other architectural structure. They are created from a bird’s-eye view of each of the levels of a building.

The floor plan consists of the layout of all the rooms, staircases, patios, balconies etc. on each level, and will often have bits of furniture from each room as well.

A floor plan will have specific lines and symbols to represent things like windows, doors, stairs, voids etc.

We don’t visit your home to make measurements, but you can provide us rough sketch and we can recreate your floor plan in PDF- digital version.

Please send us all of information you have for prepare your floor plan, and we will provide you quote.

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